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Dive Site of Samui - Twins

Sail Rock dive site samui
2 Rock Formations, 1 Smaller, Soft White Sand
Assorted Hard & Soft Corals
Butterfly Fish, Wrasse, Clown Fish, Tropicals
Slight Currents
10 to 20 Meters Visibility
All Levels of Diver

Just off the west side of Koh Nangyuan, Twins consists of two groups of rocks with depths ranging from 18 to 6m.

At the deeper end of the site expect to find Big Grouper, White Eyed Moray Eels and Blue Spotted Rays amongst the hard corals and granite rocks.

On the shallower side of the deeper rock you'll find an entertaining family of Clark's Anemone Fish (Clown Fish) nestling on the sand. This is a great photo opportunity if you have a camera!

As always, Pink Anemone Fish adorn the shallower rocks, as well as teems of the black & white Sergeant Major fish and the colorful inquisitive Wrasse.

Twins is a dive site for all levels of diver and one of the more interesting dive sites around Koh Tao.


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